roadsclosed.org is the official website of both the annual Roads Closed Exhibition and the Roads Closed Fundraising Calendar. We have evolved from our former website roadracingsupporters.com The change is to reflect our core activities in relation to the funds we raise from the aforementioned exhibitions and calendars. Each year since 2009 we have been able to make donations of equal amounts to the Rob Vine Fund, the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club and Southern 100 Helicopter Funds.

Our running total is now approaching £50,000! Road racing fans from all over the World have given generously to support the rescue and medical services provided by the above. Of course we always hope that those care facilities are never used but we know that our riders take some comfort knowing that they are there.

 Each year we focus our attention upon the production of our calendar and the hosting of our exhibition.

In addition we also host the popular “A Chat on the Sofa” with Manx Radio’s Roy Moore and the indomitable Barry Wood. What these two don’t know about road racing on the Island you could print on a postage stamp! 2018 will see the 3rd renewal of this fun evening.


 A unique feature in recent years have been the caricatures and cartoons that have accompanied both the calendar and exhibition. Renowned artists Holger Aue, John Hancox and Billy Art have kindly produced bespoke drawings and paintings that have promoted and enhanced the calendar and exhibition. Thanks guys.

 This year’s exhibition, number 6, will once again be hosted by Rev. John Coldwell at St. Ninian’s Church in Douglas during the TT and MGP Festivals. Not only will you be able to pick up your new calendar but you’ll be able to enjoy viewing some sensational photos whilst chomping on a huge slice of homemade cake at the St. Ninian’s TT Café. You can also see the famous TT stained glass window which surely must be the most unique example Worldwide.


 Hopefully we’ll see you there in the meantime many thanks for supporting our fund raising.

 Andy & Kev

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